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What is Aflac?

Aflac is the acronym for the American Family Life Assurance Company.  Aflac provides Supplemental Insurance that pays cash benefits direct to the insured to pay expenses that may not be covered by your medical insurance.   Policies are designed with a specific monetary value assigned to a list of injuries, illness or medical procedures according to the specific policy purchased.  Aflac benefits are designed to help in your time of need so you can concentrate on getting better. Cash benefits can be used as you see fit, whether that’s for co-pays and deductibles, or everyday living expenses, you decide.

Aflac polices can be purchased as an Individual consumer or through an employer Group plan.  Policy availability varies between these two methods.

General descriptions of policies

  • Accident Indemnity:  helps to pay expenses as a result of a accidental injuries (Group and Individual)
  • Critical Illness: helps to pay expenses from medical treatment for a specified illness like heart attach or major stroke (Group and Individual)
  • Cancer Indemnity:  helps to pay expenses as a result of treatments or procedures to address cancer illness (Group and Individual)
  • Hospital Indemnity:  helps to pay expenses as a result of an in-patient hospital stay  (Group)
  • Short Term Disability: monetary assistance to pay expenses while you are unable to work as a result of a covered injury or illness  (Group)
  • Dental and Vison: Whether in network or out-of-network, Aflac Dental and vision will help with preventative and treatment expenses (Group)
  • Life Insurance: Whole and Term Life policies available for both adult and juvenile life coverage (Group)

Rhonda Alden