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Dog Sociability

Dog Sociability

| November 01, 2022

It’s important to remember no matter how friendly your dog is, you never know how friendly stranger’s dogs are. With this in mind, it can be unsafe to let your dog go directly up to other dogs when out on walks, as most dogs don’t like all other dogs. You, like your pup, probably don’t agree with and love every single human you meet. So, when approaching others with your dog, it more common them then not for the other dogs to not like yours. This chart helps explain the majority of dogs and their sociability known as ‘dog selective’.



Individuals who know their dogs are ‘dog selective’ or reactive, often work each day on their training in order to make walks enjoyable for themselves and their dogs. This can be hindered if others allow their on or off-leash dogs to approach strangers dogs when out on walks.

If you see another dog on a hike or walking through town:

  1. Always ask to approach a stranger’s dog, even if you don’t have yours with you.
  2. If your dog is off leash insure you have a reliable recall and recall them.
  3. Either put them into heel and walk past, giving the other dog an appropriate amount of distance between you.
  4. Or pull your dog to the side of the path and put them in a sit stay while allowing the other dog to pass.

If both parties wish to allow the dogs to meet be sure to watch both dogs’ body language and have a reliable recall so everyone stays safe and the interaction is enjoyable for both pups!