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Fall Is In The Air

Fall Is In The Air

| October 28, 2021

As we move past those warm fall days and into the heart of the fall season we are feeling the change in season.   Days are getting noticeably shorter, the cold rains of late fall have arrived and we are awaiting a very late first frost.

Our attention has turned to preparing for winter – wood is being stacked, gardens are being put to bed, the kids are shuffling through the leaves, shorts are being packed away in favor of sweatshirts and our home menu’s have taken a turn towards comfort food.

If you are a foodie of any sort, the approach of colder weather is a great time of year to spend a little more time in the kitchen.   Slow cookers return to the counter for Sunday football food prep, fresh apples are in abundance for pies or crisp, casseroles and soups make their return to the dinner table.   We are no longer distracted by the long, warm days of summer so our attention returns to our cold weather past times.   Autumn foods are some of the most hearty and satisfying meals around.  Filled with the last of our fresh garden bounty and easing into the comfort of pastas, creamy sauces, sweet squashes and cold hardy greens like kale and brussels sprouts. 

It cannot be disputed, chilly weather is an invitation to comfort food.  As proof of this fact we are sharing this Creamy Butternut Squash Alfredo Pasta recipe.  Don’t forget the crusty bread so you don’t miss a bit of this sauce!

Recipe: Creamy Butternut-Squash Alfredo Pasta