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Love in the time of Covid-19

Love in the time of Covid-19

| February 10, 2021

Love in the time of Covid-19

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, happiness and love seem out of reach for many.  We are collectively lacking Oxytocin due to the pandemic. Oxytocin plays a role in social bonding and creates a positive impact on mood and emotions.  The pandemic has changed our habits, causing many to binge on social media to fill the void of loneliness.  Many studies show, more than 30 minutes a day on social media can cause you to be lonelier.  Food and overeating are also a favorite substitute to fill the void, which can lead to depression and an unhealthy lifestyle.

What might be some ways to increase your Oxytocin Levels, and stay COVID-19 SAFE?


Update your social media habits to include video technologies.

Call Lonely people, share a laugh.

Hugging the people in your household often.

Make eye contact with every person you see in your day and smile.

Acts of kindness always matter…. now more than ever.

Listen to music or make it, DANCE

Practice YOGA

Get or Give a massage

Cook healthy new foods


Fun fact!

Studies show that when you hug your dog, the dog’s oxytocin levels increase 56%!!!! That type of increase confirms that dogs really do love us and need to be loved.  Cats levels only increase 12%, which confirms that we are tolerated at best by the feline community.