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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

| March 30, 2023

We all admit:  our pet is our child; we love them because they are a member of the family!

When injuries or illnesses happen and surgery or expensive treatments are needed, pet insurance could be your saving grace in helping your furry family member. This begs the question for pet parents out there - Does your ‘best buddy’ need to be covered with Pet Insurance? Is it worth it? Will it cover trips to the vet? Is having pet insurance just as important as humans having health insurance?

                Let us begin by looking at the most common pet Insurance in our area: Trupanion.  Pet insurance is great to have for your dog or cat in case of an emergency.  Trupanion is the pet insurance recommended by most veterinarians as it allows you to acquire up to 90% protection in case of an emergency Vet visit. Pet insurance is not designed to cover wellness and preventative care or exam fees, such as your annual visits and vaccinations. The help from Trupanion comes when an emergency visit is needed for an injury that is not a pre-existing condition. This means that if you have already taken your animal to the Vet for a certain ailment, such as an injury with their hip, an injury in the future regarding their hip will not be covered. Trupaniondoes cover hereditary conditions which is essential when purchasing it for animals who are known for certain medical issues, such as elbow and hip dysplasia. Trupanion also does cover congenital conditions, which are issues, such as heart disease, that the pet could have developed before birth. Trupanion pays directly through the Vet, so no reimbursement is needed as any procedure, test, or medication needed for an emergency is included in coverages.

                When thinking about your pet and deciding on whether to invest in pet insurance I think there are three big things to look at to help you decide if you are the perfect candidate.

  1. What is your financial situation? If you know that you can financially keep up with paying a monthly premium (pricing varies depending on your pet breed and your location), then pet insurance is definitely something you should look into acquiring. The other option is budgeting and setting aside money, you must ask yourself if you are disciplined for budgeting to protect your pet during emergencies. Many local veterinarians I have spoken to directly, and indirectly, encourage people to purchase pet insurance as it allows you the safety net to protect your pet during emergencies. One stated “you should not have a pet without having pet insurance.” If your financial situation permits the ability to pay the premium throughout the animal’s life, then it is a great idea to acquire it.
  2. Did you purchase your dog/cat from a breeder that supplied generations of health history? If yes, the chance of your animal having a medical issue arise that would require the need for pet insurance is less.  However, the majority of pets in the world are rescued or acquired with little health history information. These pets have a greater chance of an unexpected medical emergency. A lot of these emergencies could occur early and force you to choose between your pet or money. Pet insurance would be a beneficial safety net to have if this is you.
  3. What are your animal’s behavioral tendencies? For example, let’s look at two dogs:  a Golden Retriever that is not known for chewing up and eating everything it can get near, and a Labrador Retriever that swallows anything in its vicinity. The Golden may be more trustworthy and, overall, less accident-prone, alleviating more of the need for pet insurance. The Lab has a higher probability for swallowing something that is bad for them or obstructs them internally. Having pet insurance, especially where these occurrences could happen more than once, is a beneficial idea if the Lab is your pet. 

If you are looking at your pet while reading this blog and think I am talking to you, pet insurance may be the next step in both your futures. Being insured for the unthinkable is peace-of-mind for you and your best furry friend; no one would ever want to have to put their pet down because they cannot afford the treatment for an emergency.

If you are still wondering if pet insurance is for you, talk to your veterinarian as they know you and your pet personally and can help give you more personalized advice.



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