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The Blue Summer Sky is your limit!

The Blue Summer Sky is your limit!

| August 03, 2021

Summer brings longer days and with that it seems people are so much happier.
Especially this year, we look forward to barbeques, intimate family gatherings, trips to the beach or summer vacations. 
Many of us also enjoy taking in a hike, camping, bicycling and many more outdoor activities.
Let’s not forget about enjoying the fresh vegetables that you either grew yourself or you bought at the local farmers market!

As the dog days of summer approach, don’t let the heat get to you; be sure you get plenty of fluids and you protect your skin.
Get out in the cooler evenings and see local music performances. Or, before you start your day, go for a quick morning walk - you’ll be surprised how much better you feel after you take in the cooler morning air.

On the rainy days do not be sad- bring the family to a movie or invite your friends to a nice afternoon tea or cocktail party. 
Be thankful for all the days you have, be they sunny or dreary!
Give a smile to a stranger while walking by. Small things lead to larger and more meaningful things.
Be kind and safe this summer and remember the blue summer sky is your limit!