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Winter Health and Safety

Winter Health and Safety

| January 08, 2024

It is no lie that New England winters can be tough and this next one is fast approaching. We are here to help you get ready for the cold times ahead and provide ways to stay safe and healthy this winter.

Winter Health and Safety Tips

  • Be sure to use arm clothing and layers when going outside.
    • Hats, mittens, gloves, and scarves.
  • Shoveling/Snow Blowing
    • We don’t want ice to form under the snow if not removed.
    • When shoveling bend your knees and try not to lift too much snow at once.
  • Check heating systems.
    • This is a good time of year to make sure your heating system is up to date and serviced if needed.
  • Keep gasoline tank filled.
    • The roads can be dangerous, and you don’t want to run out of gas in the cold weather.
  • Protect against dry skin weather.
    • It’s the dry season and important we take care of our skin.
      • Oil-based moisturizers are recommended to use in the winter.
    • Exercise
      • Exercise is a great way to warm up when you are cold (just don’t get too sweaty) and staying limber can help prevent injuries.


Items to keep in your car.  

  • Mini shovel
    • Scraper
    • Extra clothes
    • Hat
    • Mittens