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Under age 65 Health Insurance:  ACA

Health insurance for the population younger than 65 is governed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was signed into law by former President Obama in 2010.  This Act put into place many protective measures for insuring health insurance has minimal essential qualities know as the 10 Essential Health Benefits.  These quality measurement apply to insurance available through an employer as well as insurance on the private market.  

The ACA also put into place a system of assisting with the affordability of insurance premiums through a Federal Premium Tax Credit for individuals and families of certain income levels when they are not offered affordable insurance through their employer.  More information about health insurance and the ACA can be found at   

Here at Doran Independent Insurance we specialize in helping individuals and families navigate and understand the many rules, regulations (both Federal and State) and the steps involved in using the enrollment platform at   

There is never a fee charged for assisting clients in completing and submitting an enrollment.


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