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Prescription Drug Plan Coverage

*Open Enrollment Begins October 15th, 2019*

Please be on the look out for your Annual Notice of Change form from your prescription drug carrier. 

What is a Prescription Drug Plan?

A prescription Drug Plan (PDP/Part D) is an additional plan on top of your Medicare Supplement that individuals can enroll in, to help pay for prescription drugs. These plans do consist of a co-pay, monthly premium and annual deductible.
This is a plan that needs to be reviewed annually during Open Enrollment.

When to Enroll

The most desirable time to enroll in a Part D plan is while you are signing up for your medicare supplement plan. If you chose not to sign up for a plan at this time you may be charged with a late enrollment fee when you eventually sign up. 
This late enrollment penalty fee is 1% of the average Part D premium for each month you delay enrollment. Be aware that you pay this penalty for as long as you're enrolled in a Part D plan.

Carriers We Work With

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Your Part D Contacts

Paul  Doran

Paul Doran

Owner & Consultant

603-569-6464 x101


Nancy  Papp

Nancy Papp

Consultant & Notary

(603) 569-6464 x103

(603) 569-8664

Amanda  Rydlewski

Amanda Rydlewski

Consultant & Notary

(603) 569-6464 x104

(603) 569-8664