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Amanda  Rydlewski

Amanda Rydlewski

Consultant & Notary

Amanda started her professional career in customer service at a young age. She grew a passion for working with people of all ages and has challenged herself with it. When Amanda first came on to the Doran team in 2016, she was the assistant to Paul Doran. She quickly learned working alongside Paul that she was going to study the world of Medicare.

In just two years, she has become a licensed consultant with a focus on Medicare. Amanda is now the key person in our office when it comes to Medicare and always available to answer your questions, no matter how difficult they may be. Turning 65 is not only about health insurance, but can lead to questions of financial planning for the next phase of life.  Long Term Care Health Insurance can be a blessing for many, offsetting health plans to secure care and quality of life in the senior years. 

With two young adult children, she has impressed upon them the importance of Term life insurance, for protection against debilitating student loan dept. In her free time, Amanda is still on the move while she travels with the Boy Scouts of America and the Venturing Crews locally and regionally. When she finally takes time for herself, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, skiing, and everything the Lakes Region has to offer with her family.