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Shauna was incredible to work with throughout this process. I especially appreciated her patience as everything took much longer than usual because of some unexpected life circumstances! It’s so refreshing to work with wonderful, local people! 

~Emma G. - Nottingham, NH


 I wanted to drop a quick note to you thanking you and your employee.
Shauna was so nice and patient. I changed my mind several times and she was super helpful.
She was responsive and professional.
I really appreciated  her help. Thank you again!

~Scott T. - Center Tuftonboro, NH



Great news! Huggins just called and it finally got approved - I am scheduled for Monday! 

I just cried when I got the phone call -- thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done to make this possible.  You are an angel and a rock star and so very much more!

~Bree S. - Wolfeboro, NH



Thank you for all the assistance, advice and direction you give to us throughout the year! You are a key asset to the success of Doran Independent Insurance!

~Kathy & Rick B. - Wolfeboro, NH


Thank you and your department for a job well done. Doran Independent Insurance was definitely a good choice for me. Your customer service was right on the ball from the start and very friendly and accommodating. Let's hope I will not be involved in any more accidents. Once again, thank you for all your help.

~Bob M. - Moultonborough, NH

It is easy to refer to Doran Insurance, Paul. You do a great job and I really appreciate Nancy's kind expertise.

~Jeanne A.- Durham, NH

I had a couple of questions about my coverage and called your office this morning, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jess. She was very helpful, pleasant and an excellent representative for your firm. Thank you Jess.

~Majorie L. Wooley- Belmont, NH

My husband and I have recently bought a business and we were in need of medical and dental insurance for our family. To be honest I didn't now what to's very confusing to look on line or actually to talk to someone at one of the insurance co. Thank goodness I found you guys! Rhonda has been working with us to choose the best health care and dental for us. She has made everything easy. She is an asset to your company. I thanked her for the great job she is doing but told me that you all work as a team...that not only do I have her in my corner in dealing with medical and dental craziness but I have all of you. Thank you for the great work that you do and giving us a peace of mind from the moment we walked through your door! Thank you again!

~Kim L. - Sanbornville, NH

A few words about Doran Insurance and specifically, Dianne Chase. As a newly widowed and traumatized Senior Citizen AND technologically challenged...Dianne Chase has walked me through all of my insurance needs—- Supplemental Health Plans and also Prescription Drug Plans.  And, now that I have an iPad, I can email all my questions and concerns to her. She never loses patience with me—even when my emails arrive upside down!! She goes above and beyond ......just a kind and considerate person.  I would HEARTILY recommend her to any and all Senior Citizens trying to navigate the waters of today’s confusing insurance choices. Thanks, Dianne! Forever grateful....

~Sandy K. - Wolfeboro, NH

We have just received notice that the appeal for our Part D was favorable for us. We can’t thank you enough for helping us deal with this. It was so frustrating to us knowing that we had done everything right, but were being penalized. Again, our heartfelt thanks.

~Ron and Bonnie W. - Windham, NH

An Amazing Team

We have been clients of Doran Independent Insurance since our retirement several years ago. With healthcare costs demanding such a significant consideration in our financial planning, we are tremendously grateful to be able to rely on the Doran team’s expertise.  We appreciate their honesty, professionalism, and determination to ensure we have the health care that is best for our needs at a price we can afford.

Navigating the health care system can be completely overwhelming and frustrating but with our Doran representative ’s help, it has been seamless.  We recently had an issue with our insurance provider but again, with our representative by our side, we were able to resolve the problem quickly and to our satisfaction.  Doran Independent Insurance provides value and peace of mind; we cannot recommend them highly enough.

~Gordon L. & Susan W. - Bedford, NH